At Santa Cruz Med Spa, I was actually treated by the doctor!
This afforded me the great opportunity to speak with Dr. dePeña at great length about all of the information and research behind the products and procedures. He also uses a soft-tip cannula instead of needles for the fillers so I didn’t need additional injections for anesthesia. I usually bruise a little bit at the injection site but because of the cannula, there was no bruising at all! I really appreciate the time he takes to discuss treatment options.
Written by: Andrea H
5 / 5 stars

I couldn’t have gone to a better place for my 1st treatment (& now subsequent).
Santa Cruz Med Spa was small, clean & very comfortable. Top of line Equip. Easy parking. Tye was AMAZING. I knew quickly I was in competent hands – he was gentle, steady. He placed injection accurately. Tye is a practicing doctor. I felt a greater level of confidence knowing a doctor was performing the procedures, rather than a nurse. Tye was knowledgeable, answered all my questions, made me feel at ease. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Written by: Rubin J
5 / 5 stars

I absolutely recommend the Santa Cruz Med Spa.

I have seen Dr. dePeña twice for forehead lines and once for hyaluronic filler in my cheeks. Deciding to get these treatments was a BIG deal for me. I did lots of research. Choosing an actual doctor instead of an esthetician for these particular procedures was very important to me. Dr. Pena’s prices are fair too.The results look completely natural.

I had Botox and later an alternative to Botox that works more quickly (about three days versus 10). I felt confident that if something weird happened, Dr. dePeña would be able to reverse the problem. Not every provider knows what to do in case of complications.

For cheek filler, I was terrified but the process was easy and almost painless. Results were seen immediately. Dr. dePeña uses a DermaSculpt microcannula, which is more advanced than what many others are using. It helps minimize the chance of bruising and other complications.

I am amazed at this technology and grateful to be living in 2014.

Written by: Jemi P. Santa Cruz, CA
5 / 5 stars

I’ve never met a doctor who likes to spend so much time with his patients.
He actually gave me an hour for a 30 minute appointment to make sure I understood the process. He did some Botox which took off about 5-10 years from my look. Different process from the usual. He used smaller needles and more application areas giving me a better result. I also had laser skin tightening which left no redness and plumped my skin up perfectly. Finally, we did some fillers around my lips. Just enough so nobody but me noticed and I LOVE them. First time with no bruising. I didn’t need all of this work, of course, but sometimes you realize it’s the little things in life that bring enjoyment and growing older a little less painful. Thank Dr. dePeña! I look great!
Written by: Sonja L. Santa Cruz, CA
5 / 5 stars